This here blog started out life as an academic journal, containing brief notes about stuff I had read. It has slowly grown into a review site for whatever I have read recently. I’m currently working on idea’s for a Phd proposal, so the reading matter here will vary greatly, but there will be a lot of SF, as that is what I mainly read for fun. I try to keep up with the best of current SF and genre fic, but at the same time I am also trying to read my way through the history of SF, as well as all the academic stuff I do. Not enough hours in the day for it all, so if someone wants to pay me for this sort of thing, well, that would be just dandy.

My reviews are as much to jog my own memory in the years to come as to what I thought about a particular work as they are for anyone else’s benefit, so if I offend by panning a book or story, I apologize, but do try and better cater to my personal taste and opinions next time, eh?

Meditations on fire juggling, monkeys, or tea may also appear in addition to book reviews, but not very often.

Just in case you were wondering, the masthead photograph at the top of the page is a long exposure picture of myself using a 5′ LED staff, taken by myself using a Sony DSC-H20 hybrid camera on timer and tripod.

If you really feel an overwhelming urge to get in touch, please leave a comment below.


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