Freebie shorts.

There’s a very short freebie, A Globe of Heaven, by Salman Rushdie over on his tumblr account, and it is a little science fictiony to boot. Beautifully crafted, as you would expect from Rushdie.

Strange Horizons is carrying A Box of Thunder by Lewis Shiner, about a beseiged compound in a postapocalyptic Mexico. A good story, but all the quotation marks in it have been changed to double angle brackets. Dunno if it is a browser thing or what, but it does mean that what I took away from this story is an increased awareness of the arbitrary nature of the squiggles we use for punctuation. Pretty sure that’s not what Sènor Shiner intended, though.

Tor have posted Day One by Mathew Costello as a teaser for his new novel Vacation. A nervy, cinematic horror set in the New York district of Red Hook about a rookie NYPD cop’s first day patrolling a classically Lovecraftian locale.

And on the subject of Lovecraft’s locations, David Haden has published a book/article on just that; Walking with Cthulu; H.P. Lovecraft as Psychogeographer, New York City 1924 – 26. Haven’t read it yet myself, and am unsure about whether or not it has been peer-reviewed. I cannot find anything about ‘Burslem Books’ who publish the paperback, and I suspect it is a self-published piece (If you know any better, please get in touch and I will amend this). It sounds fascinating, though, and has to be worth a punt, especially as he’s giving it away as a free .pdf and asking only a tweet or a FB plug in return. Can’t say fairer than that, really.


~ by Snake Oil on September 20, 2011.

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