Salman Rushdie, ‘The Enchantress of Florence’

An easier read than both ‘The Satanic Verses’ and ‘Midnights Children’, but then the concept is perhaps not as avidly post-modern and experimental. The book is essentially a magical realism version of an alternate history set in both a kingdom in India, and in rennaissance Italy incorporating such characters as machiavelli in drastically altered circumstances.
The plot centres around the Mogor Del Amore, a kind of harlequin figure who links Italy with India, as well as several different time frames and generations of characters, but whose true nature and identity is constantly in question.
Amusing, well-written, and a fascinating tale, albeit one that makes relatively high demands on the readers involvement with the text. Contains some truly beautiful moments. Highly recommended as an easy introduction to Rushdie’s work.


~ by Snake Oil on October 25, 2010.